What do we offer?

From one hour lunchtime sessions, to half day seminars, to whole day workshops through to multi-day Grant Academies, we run training events specifically tailored to suit your needs. During these events we take you through the skills and strategies required to put together a successful application, as well as the traps to avoid.

This includes ensuring that every statement is argued/explained in the context of the project and supported with as much detail as possible so that any lay person, as well as the expert, can also understand the basis of the project. We focus on engaging with the reader, a likely non specialist, from the start and keep them “hooked” throughout the application reeling them in through increased understanding and confidence (detail and explanation) in respect of why they should fund you and not one of your opponents.

 Our approach

The style of writing we teach during these events is often unfamiliar as the document must educate and inform as it convinces as well as inspiring confidence in the project and removing doubt. Such a style of writing is very, very unlikely to ever get published in an academic journal; but it works in this context. People using the Grantcraft approach historically are achieving success rates 5 to 6 times higher, and more, than the average.

Rephrasing and restructuring approaches that we cover during our workshops are just an introduction to some of the techniques and tricks embedded within the Grantcraft optimisation strategy facilitating success within the Business of Research. Attaining this success is not an easy task, so in addition to running Training Workshops and more comprehensive Grant Academies direct individual bid support is provided, with full confidentiality, through 1-2-1 advice surgeries and near 24/7 email and telephone support with each researcher as the project is structured and prepared in order to optimize the application documentation from every aspect of the Funders perspective. See our application support page for more details.

 Tailored to your needs

We have developed and offer a wide range of seminars, workshops and courses covering all aspects of the research funding and management process. From 40 minute introductory “tasters” to our 3 day Academy workshops and master classes. Included here are examples of the most popular titles but the respective emphasis and content can be tailored to any requirements.

There are obviously common elements to the workshops detailed here and the respective emphasis and content can be tailored to any requirements.

Please feel free to contact and talk to us at any time if you have any specific requirements not covered within the above.