Project Management Courses

 An Introduction to Successful Project Management – 1 hour (or 90 minute)

This short course designed for early career researchers with little or no project management experience covers the best practice approaches necessary to fulfil the essential management and reporting aspects of Funded Research Projects. Although generic, and applicable across all projects, the course focuses on UK Research Council and European H2020 requirements as examples.

 Management for European Projects – The Rules, the Do’s, and the Don’ts.

Presented as a 1 hour summary or more detailed 2 hour course this outlines the management and administration rules and regulations pertinent to FP7 projects and illustrates both pitfalls and best practice methods against worked examples drawn directly from previous experience. This is especially important to ensure the project runs smoothly with minimum support effort and particularly significant should the project encounter a problem or is not running smoothly – about 30% of cases.

 Finance Aspects of European FP7 Projects – Bidding and management regulations with best practice for administrators.

Designed for research administrators and finance personnel this 2 hour course gives an overview of FP7 finance requirements, methods, rules and regulations from the initial bid preparation stage to signing off at the end of the project together with illustrations of pitfalls and examples of best practice. More comprehensive detail against live projects is subsequently provided against an extended workshop, or surgeries, at the end if required.