Proposal Writing

We can work with you across all stages of the bidding process. Our direct input into the proposal preparation can be full or partial writing depending on your needs and requirements. Our team can also manage your proposal for you and coordinate with your project partners freeing you from this time-consuming task.

Our approach, developed and refined over 20 years, is to target the multiple elements that funders (and their corresponding reviewers) will mark favorably, whilst avoiding the typical mistakes and traps. This goes beyond simply addressing the key criteria of the call guidelines as this, whilst important, will be common amongst all good applications and being “good” is never enough in these competitions.

The Grantcraft approach goes deeper – addressing the overall strategic aims of the various funding bodies, the typical biases of the peer reviewers and panel members that will be responsible for assessing your proposal. We employ a variety of strategies to structure your proposal to ensure the reviewers are excited (hooked!) by your research from the first paragraph and use building blocks of argument, detail, and justification throughout the document to ensure that confidence is inspired in the reviewers.